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My Name is Paul Chukwutem Onwumah, a Trevo Life and Health Coach and Blue Diamond Executive with the Phenomenal Nutraceutical Company that is changing lives globally through the wonderful product called Trevo.


My journey as a Network Marketer with Trevo started in May, 2012. Before that, I have worked with a number of companies that distribute their products through the Multi-Level Marketing Model, popularly called MLM. My efforts can be said to be as big as an Elephant but my rewards as small as an ant. I basically had no tangible results to show for all my hard work.



My life changed and I had a transmogrification of life and destiny when I learnt about Trevo, and decided to join this company and market their product. From being a person living with the unwanted shame of poverty, I became a millionaire driving a brand new car and living in a good house in a posh part of the City. All these under one year of being a Trevo Life and Health Coach and Network Marketer.


It gives me great joy to let you know that if a former security guard and laundry man like me can become a wealthy person today, you too can do it very easily by embracing this amazing health drink called Trevo, with its notoriety for renewing, reviving and restoring the Human health system. Whole lots of testimonies abound to support this assertion.


Trevo has a very unusual compensation plan. Its financial reward system is one of a kind, and hence we call it health and wealth in a bottle.


Let me use this golden opportunity to invite you to be a user of this product for your healthy living, and also to transmute your life from the rat race into financial freedom.


Yours in Wealth and Health,
Paul Chukwutem Onwumah

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